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How much is the 15% of 40?
a) 6 b) 10 c) 5 d) None of the choices
25 passengers of a plane are Spanis. What percentage of passengers are Spanish?
a) 20% b) 15% c) 10% d) None of the choices
6 bottles of wine cost 7$, how much will 18 bottles cost?
a) 21 $ b) 14$ c) 10$ d) 25$
Bertha went on a diet and lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks. How long will it 2. take her to lose 15 pounds?
a) 6 b) 4 c) 7 d) 5
What percent of 20 is 30?
a) 150% b) 90% c) 200% d) None of the choices
It takes 4 men 6 hours to repair a road. How long will it take 8 men to do the job if they work at the same rate?
a) 3 hours b) 5 hours c) 2 hours d) 1 hour
If two pencils cost $1.50, how many pencils can you buy with $9.00?
a) 12 pencils b) 10 pencils c) 8 pencils d) 13 pencils
40% of the classroom are girls. If there are 30 students, how many of them are boys?
a) 18 b) 12 c) 24 d) 14
A particular map shows a scale of 1 : 5000. What is the actual distance if the map distance is 8 cm?
a) 400 m b) 500 m c) 350 m d) 450 m
A particular map shows a scale of 1 cm : 5 km. What would the map distance (in cm) be if the actual distance is 14 km?
a) 2.8 cm b) 3 cm c) 2 cm d) 2.6 cm
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