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What science studies the history of man by locating and analyzing artifacts?
a) archaeology b) sociology c) linguistics d) economics
What term best describes a study of a nation's idedas, customs, and values?
a) science b) culture c) economics d) politics
How did the Columbian Exchange impact Native Americans?
a) many Native Americans died from disease b) many Native Americans moved to Europe c) many Native Americans gained more land d) decreased trade between Europeans and Native Americans
Why were European explorers looking for the Northwest passage?
a) to find a faster route to Alaska b) to find a faster route to Asia c) to increase trade with Native Americans d) to prove the earth was round
What was the Columbian Exchange?
a) Migration of immigrants from Europe to America b) Migration of settlers westward for cheap land c) exchange of goods and ideas between the old world and the new world d) purchasing of land from Native Americans by Europeans
Which development led to the other three?
a) Native American Indian populations were destroyed by disease. b) New types of food were shared by Europeans and Americans. c) European nations sent explorers to the Americas. d) Africans were brought to the America as slaves.
What was the major cause of death among Native American Indians after contact with Spanish explorers?
a) relocation b) diseases c) slavery d) starvation
Why did Native American's develop different cultures throughout North America?
a) they adapted to their environment in different ways b) they had to follow written traditions c) they wanted to be different from each other d) they came to America from other parts of the world
What were the majority of European explorers looking for when they explored North America?
a) the fountain of youth b) the Northwest passage c) lost city of Eldorado d) slaves
The Iroquois Confedeeracy was created so the 5 tribes would have
a) Unity and Increased cooperation b) Economics of competition c) Conservation of resources d) Cultural exchange
The most widely accepted theory of the earliest human migration to the Americas is that people
a) Crossed the polar ice cap from Norway to Canada b) Walked across a land bridge from Asia to Alaska c) Used seagoing vessels to sail from Africa to Central America d) Traveled in rafts and small boats from Pacific Islands to South America
The environment of the Americas
a) had no effect on people b) shaped the lives of Europeans, but not Native Americans c) influenced Native American homes and crafts, but not Europeans d) shaped the ways of life for all people in the Americas
What mountains are in the eastern part of America?
a) Rocky Mountains b) Sierra Nevada Mountains c) Appalachian Mountains d) Mount Everest
How did early Native American get to North America?
a) They sailed over on the Mayflower b) They migrated here from Asia c) They migrated here from South America d) They sailed across the Arctic Ocean
The first people in America may have come over by a land bridge from
a) Africa b) Asia c) Antarctica d) Greenland
Which of the following is NOT a way geography impacted early Native Americans
a) the Iroquois built long houses made out of wood because they lived in the Eastern Woodlands b) the Lakota built teepees as shelter because they lived on the great plains and relied on the buffalo for most resources c) the Inuit built pit houses and igloos made out of ice because the arctic offered few resources d) the Cherokee built houses and farmed the land because they were adapting to American culture
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