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What mountains are in the eastern part of America?
a) Rocky Mountains b) Sierra Nevada Mountains c) Appalachian Mountains d) Mount Everest
What science studies the history of man by locating and analyzing artifacts?
a) archaeology b) sociology c) linguistics d) economics
A historian studies
a) the current economy b) past events c) how people interact with each other d) why people do the things they do
An archaeologust studies
a) past events through journals and diaries b) materials left behind by a group of people c) how people interact with each other d) Mathematical theories
Spain claimed which part of the New World?
a) Canada b) the Atlantic coast of North America c) Mexico and the Caribbean d) Alaska
Which development led to the other three?
a) Native American Indian populations were destroyed by disease. b) New types of food were shared by Europeans and Americans. c) European nations sent explorers to the Americas. d) Africans were brought to the America as slaves.
English claims in North America include
a) the Atlantic coast b) Florida and the Southwest c) the Pacific Coast d) the Mississippi Valley
What was the major cause of death among Native American Indians after contact with Spanish explorers?
a) relocation b) diseases c) slavery d) starvation
France claimed which part of the New World?
a) West Indies and the Caribbean b) Canada and the Mississippi River Valley c) East coast of South America d) the Atlantic Coast of North America
The most widely accepted theory of the earliest human migration to the Americas is that people
a) Crossed the polar ice cap from Norway to Canada b) Walked across a land bridge from Asia to Alaska c) Used seagoing vessels to sail from Africa to Central America d) Traveled in rafts and small boats from Pacific Islands to South America
The Iroquois Confedeeracy was created so the 5 tribes would have
a) Increased cooperation b) Economics of competition c) Conservation of resources d) Cultural exchange
The first people in America may have come over by a land bridge from
a) Africa b) Asia c) Antarctica d) Greenland
The environment of the Americas
a) had no effect on people b) shaped the lives of Europeans, but not Native Americans c) influenced Native American homes and crafts, but not Europeans d) shaped the ways of life for all people in the Americas
Which tribe lived in the eastern woodlands of North America?
a) Pueblo b) Navajo c) Iroquois d) Cherokee
What term best describes a study of a nation's idedas, customs, and values?
a) science b) culture c) economics d) politics
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